Last year Cure Parkinson’s supporter Elizabeth Day (pictured below) took on the magnificent New York Marathon on 3 November  to raise funds for our pioneering Parkinson’s research.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s four years ago. She said:

…these last few years have been incredibly challenging for me. Currently, my biggest issue is difficulty walking. Both in spite of that – and because of it – I have begun training for this year’s NYC Marathon. Because of the Parkinson’s, I currently move very slowly and inefficiently; assuming I am able to complete the training without injury, it will likely take me more than 8 hours to cross the finish line of the marathon!

When the big day arrived, all of Elizabeth’s hard work and dedication truly paid off enabling her to complete the great 26.2 mile stretch in just 9 hours! Not only was this an amazing achievement for Elizabeth, but she claimed that the day was one of the best in her life. She said:

It was such a pleasure to raise money on behalf of Cure Parkinson’s. I really believe in the work they are doing and feel sure that it is the most likely out there to lead to a cure in the near future.

It is fantastic to have such loyal supporters who truly appreciate our work and believe so passionately in our mission. All at Cure Parkinson’s would like to say a huge thank you to Elizabeth for your support and fundraising efforts.

If you wish to read more of Elizabeth’s fundraising story, please visit her JustGiving page.

If you are feeling inspired by Elizabeth’s fundraising efforts and wish to take part in an event to raise funds for Cure Parkinson’s, you can view all the running events that take place across the UK here.

Alternatively, please contact Grace or call 020 7487 3892 if you wish you discuss your fundraising ideas.

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