A group of six friends living with Parkinson’s – some or all of whom you may recognise – regularly host a podcast to raise awareness of the condition. Cure Parkinson’s Patron and Vicar of Dibley co-writer Paul Mayhew-Archer is joined by former BBC presenter and legendary inquisitor Jeremy Paxman; former BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones; High Court Judge Sir Nicholas Mostyn; former BBC political expert Mark Mardell and former ‘Working Lunch’ presenter, management consultant and lecturer Gillian Lacey-Solymar.

The Movers & Shakers gang!

Their regular podcast, titled ‘Movers & Shakers’, shares the challenges and positives of their Parkinson’s experience through informative, open and often hilarious conversations. The group touch on research news and interview their own specialists and international experts on different aspects of the condition.

It’s fascinating, the way we ‘Movers and Shakers’ respond to the illness, from Paul’s hysterically funny and brightly optimistic determination to regard our collective curse as a personal blessing to Jeremy’s gloomy fury and trademark, incisive questioning of accepted wisdom. The podcast is of course for people with Parkinson’s and their friends but also for anybody interested in the condition. We learn to cope. That pesky packaging? When your fingers fail, attack with scissors, a knife, determination – and hope.”

Mark Mardell

Listen to the latest episode below, and find previous episodes on Spotify.

The podcast is also available on most listening platforms.

Movers & Shakers is sponsored by Boardwave, an exclusive European networking community for software CEOs, in support of Cure Parkinson’s.

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