In this upcoming webinar on Monday 9 October, the No Silver Bullet 4 Parkinson’s team will be joined by Parkinson’s advocates Richelle Flanagan and Annelien Oosterbaan to discuss the challenges and stigmas women with Parkinson’s often face before and after receiving a diagnosis.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of people with Parkinson’s are women, making this an incredibly important but frequently overlooked subject. Historically, our understanding of medicine (including that concerning Parkinson’s) has been biased towards men. This has left significant gaps in our knowledge of how gender or sex factors, such as hormonal stages like menopause or pregnancy, may influence Parkinson’s symptoms and responses to treatment.

In this webinar, the pair hope to emphasize the importance of raising awareness and addressing the current unmet needs of women with Parkinson’s.

Watch the full recording here.

Introduction to our panelists:

Richelle Flanagan – a dietician, World Parkinson Congress award winner, and on a personal mission to raise awareness of women living with Parkinson’s. She co-founded the Women’s Parkinson’s Project and the digital health start-up, My Moves Matter.

Annelien Oosterbaan – Parkinson’s advocate and senior researcher on the “Women and PD” project. Her work aims to improve our understanding of how women’s health, especially that concerning hormonal phases, may impact Parkinson’s symptoms.

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