Could ambroxol, a humble cough medicine, be a possible breakthrough in treating Parkinson’s?

Ambroxol has been commonly used to treat coughs and sore throats across Europe since 1973.

Now, a clinical trial of ambroxol called ‘Ambroxol to Slow Progression in Parkinson’, or the ‘ASPro – PD’ trial, will shortly begin. This is a large phase 3 clinical trial to determine if ambroxol can slow or stop Parkinson’s. It is led by Professor Anthony Schapira at University College London and is being funded by Cure Parkinson’s alongside its strategic partners Van Andel Institute and the John Black Charitable Foundation, and by the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech, the drug discovery and development arm of Parkinson’s UK. We would also like to thank the early supporters of this trial including Pears Foundation, Rosetrees Trust, The TJH Foundation and Frank Brake Charitable Trust.

The ASPro-PD clinical trial

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Ambroxol and Parkinson’s: the story behind the medicine

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Parkinson’s is the world’s fastest growing neurological condition. It can affect anyone at any age. For 60 years people with Parkinson’s have been relying on the same drug, called levodopa, to help control some of the symptoms, but levodopa doesn’t slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s progress. Over time, levodopa becomes less effective as symptoms worsen. People with Parkinson’s can experience a range of many symptoms including problems with movement, difficulties speaking, disrupted sleep, severe muscle cramps, extreme pain as well as problems with brain function.

We are working hard to change this story; Cure Parkinson’s sole focus is to find a cure!

The scientific justification for the repurposing of ambroxol for Parkinson’s

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Genetics and Parkinson’s

Understanding what the connections are between Parkinson’s and the underlying genetics can help us to further comprehend how the condition develops and progresses and how we can treat it, and ultimately cure it.

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A diagnosis of Parkinson’s is life changing. Our Information Hub provides helpful resources recommended to us by people living with Parkinson’s.

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Important note:

Cough syrups containing pholcodine have been recalled across the UK under MHRA guidance ‘as a precaution’. Household cough syrups and lozenges containing pholcodine are being withdrawn and include Day & Night Nurse and Covonia — as well as own-brand versions sold in Boots and Superdrug. Ambroxol is a completely different type of drug and is totally unrelated to pholcodine.