Cure Parkinson’s funds both preclinical and clinical research projects that have the potential to cure Parkinson’s.

By “cure”, we mean a “disease-modifying” therapies that potentially slow, stop or reverse the disease progression of Parkinson’s. In addition, we prioritise research which has the potential to translate into the clinic within five years.

Our Director of Research, Dr Simon Stott explains this in more detail, in the video below.

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Quarterly Research Grant Funding Programme

This programme primarily funds preclinical and clinical research focused on slowing, stopping, or reversing Parkinson’s. For preclinical research, projects that could lead to clinical trials in Parkinson’s within 5 years are prioritised. We only fund clinical research in people with Parkinson’s.

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iLCT Pipeline Research Acceleration Programme

This new programme funds research that has been outlined by our international Linked Clinical Trials committee to be necessary before a therapy can move into clinical trials for Parkinson’s. This may be preclinical, epidemiological, dose finding or target engagement research depending on the therapy.

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