Local Fundraising Groups and Committees are the face of Cure Parkinson’s in the community, raising vital funds and awareness of Parkinson’s in their local area. 

If you’ve ever thought of regularly raising funds for Cure Parkinson’s in your local community with the support of friends, family or neighbours, then setting up your own fundraising group might be for you! 

It’s a fun and flexible way of raising funds and you’ll only need two things: 

  1. Heaps of enthusiasm 
  2. A commitment to raise funds for Cure Parkinson’s and represent our charity at local events 

You’ll be supported by a member of the Cure Parkinson’s Fundraising team who will give advice and guidance to help make your fundraising group a huge success! 

Louisa Platt (second from right) and her terrific team of Christmas Fundraisers

What is a Fundraising Group?

Fundraising groups and committees are a fantastic way to join together with people like you in your community all while raising funds for Cure Parkinson’s.

Together the group will organise community events and activities that inspire donations from their local community and raise awareness of Parkinson’s too.

Volunteers in the group meet on a regular basis to plan events and fundraising initiatives that appeal to people in their local community. It is completely up to you where and how many times a year you meet but one thing is certain: all members of the group are committed to raising funds to cure Parkinson’s.

Meriel Buxton (left) is the Chair of the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland Committee. Established in 2012, this group which started as just 3 people now raises £40,000 annually for Cure Parkinson’s. Meriel has a wealth of expertise in fundraising and has kindly written a short piece of advice for anyone just starting out. Please do email our Events team for more information.

Here are our top tips for setting up your own fundraising group: 

  1. Identify what your strengths and interests are within the group and use these to guide you when deciding what events and activities you will hold. 
  2. Nominate a Chairperson and a Treasurer. These proactive individuals will help to steer the group and to help you meet your goals 
  3. Don’t forget your P’s and Q’s! A little thank you goes a very long way so make sure to say thank you to everyone in your fundraising group and anyone that supports your fundraising endeavours. Keep them up to date with your progress and how their support is making a difference.  

For more information about Fundraising Groups and Committees then please email our Events team or call 020 7487 3892.