Throughout history, some of the great advances in science have been through philanthropists stepping up to make a difference.

Larger gifts enable us to support more research, enable us to plan for the future and help us move ever closer and at a faster pace to our goal of finding a cure for Parkinson’s. 

Through programmes like the International Linked Clinical Trials programme (iLCT), Cure Parkinson’s is a driving force in the current drug pipeline for Parkinson’s. In a recent Journal of Parkinson’s Disease report, 35% of disease modifying trials happening in the world involve drugs that have been evaluated by our International Linked Clinical Trials committee, and more than 10% of all disease modifying trials conduced worldwide are being funded by Cure Parkinson’s.

We believe that Cure Parkinson’s has the strategy and the ability to cure Parkinson’s.  It is not the science that delays us, it is the funding, and this is where you could make a difference.  

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Bev’s story

Bev Maydon was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in May 2012.  She is one of the 145,000 people living in the UK with the disease.

After carrying out some research into Parkinson’s, Bev came across the work of the Cure Parkinson’s. 

Learning about Cure Parkinson’s gave me hope – hope based on a foundation of solid scientific research. There is the real promise of a cure which would mean that people like me could live their lives without the burden of knowing they have a chronic, progressive disease.

Bev Maydon

Within only months of her diagnosis and subsequently finding out about Cure Parkinson’s, Bev was involved in a clinical trial of the drug, deferiprone. And then more recently, Bev participated in the first trial of ambroxol – a drug which has been showing great promise. 

Knowing that researchers are getting so close to a breakthrough is exciting.  Not only would this make a real difference to the lives and hopes of those of us living with the condition, but it would also lighten the call we make on the NHS and social care.

If you are interested in partnering with us and making a difference, please contact Sophie.

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