In 2014 Cure Parkinson’s with Van Andel Institute hosted the first Rallying to the Challenge conference led by and designed for people with Parkinson’s.

This conference runs in parallel with the scientific meeting Grand Challenges in Parkinson’s. Before each Rallying meeting, a survey is co-created with people with Parkinson’s around the theme of the parallel meetings. The results are presented during Rallying and additional focus groups discuss aspects of each survey to add further insights. The findings are then shared with Grand Challenges before being published. Below are published papers from this process.

Rising to the challenge of clinical trial improvement in Parkinson’s – 2014

The challenges of improving patient-centred care in Parkinson’s – 2015

Attitudes towards data collection, ownership and sharing among patients with Parkinson’s – 2016

Choices on selective clinical data sharing by Parkinson’s patients – 2016

Symptoms paper – using focus groups and 2015 Rallying to the Challenge survey results – 2017