Taking part in research is vital for science to progress for the patient.

Health research and clinical trials is more than taking medications and spending time being assessed; and it involves many stakeholders including patients, carers, clinicians, funding organisations and governing bodies in prioritising, designing and delivering research results.

At Cure Parkinson’s we focus on improving the clinical trials process to expedite better treatments for people with Parkinson’s.


Latest updates

The 2022 Parkinson’s drug development pipeline report

The 2022 annual report, outlining the current development pipeline of new drug-based treatments for Parkinson’s, has been published.

Parkinson’s Clinical Study Group

Cure Parkinson's is funding Professor Oliver Bandmann at the University of Sheffield to establish a nationwide infrastructure for a study group focused specifically on...

Improving Parkinson’s Trials: A Delphi Study

Under the visionary leadership of Dr Camille Carroll at the University of Plymouth, Cure Parkinson’s has been supporting an exploratory study at the University...

The Multiple Sclerosis MAMS model for Parkinson’s

One of the most frustrating aspects of the way we currently conduct clinical trials is the long delays between studies. Multi-Arm, Multi-Stage (or MAMS)...

Multi-Arm Multi-Stage – a new approach to clinical trials

One of the most frustrating aspects of clinical trials is the long delays between studies. Dr Camille Carroll is leading a group of researchers...