Make a Will online

We know that two thirds of adults don’t have a Will in place at all. It is now easier than ever to make a Will and remember us in your Will. You can also make Will that is checked by a solicitor by clicking the button below.

You can also access Capacity Vault, the best way to protect the wishes in your Will for free.

See a solicitor

If you would rather speak to a solicitor face to face then you should do this. You should also do this if you have a high value estate, or if you have other complexities in your estate. You can use the Solicitors Regulation Authority website to find a solicitor.

Make sure your solicitors use our full name: The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, our charity number: 1111816, and our registered address: The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, 120 New Cavendish Street, LONDON, W1W 6XX.

Your data

When you make a Will online using the above link we find out when a Will is made, any residuary gift and the value of any cash pledges. You can also opt in to share your name and contact details with us. All of this is extremely useful. If you don’t want to share this information you don’t have to. You can click the button below to make a Will online without sharing anything. Whichever way you leave a gift in your Will to us we are extremely grateful. Thank you!