Welcome to our new website.

Over the last few months, the team have been hard at work developing our new website, which will allow us to share news about our research more clearly and fundraise online more efficiently.

We are excited that we can now bring you even more news and information about progress in Parkinson’s research towards a cure, in a clearer and more accessible format.

There are several new features too, including the hugely popular ‘Science of Parkinson’s’ blog from our Deputy Director of Research, Dr Simon Stott, as well as another new addition, our ‘Information Hub’, which provides details of organisations and initiatives to help more people to take part in and help shape research, as well as living well with Parkinson’s.

For the future of this charity, and the success of our search for a cure, it is important that we have a professionally designed and well-built site. A very generous donor has covered a significant portion of the costs of the new website, and the team that built the website were chosen after a thorough selection process, ensuring that amongst other things they were value for money.

As a charity which started in a small home office fifteen years ago, we know the importance of every donation, big and small. We will never take your support for granted, which is why these changes have been carefully and thoroughly considered. They are changes we need to make to continue our growth to maximise our ability to find a cure.

Other changes

Building the new website has led to other changes. The time is right to shorten our name, as well as to introduce a new logo and wider visual identity.  It is time to stand out visually, as well as scientifically.

We are now simply Cure Parkinson’s. This is what we are here to do.

We have a new, more identifiable logo and wordmark on our website, social media and all other materials, as you can see here, at the top of this page. While we may look a little different, our urgent mission remains unchanged: to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

We are delighted that this work has been gifted to the charity by experienced designer Jane Brownhill, who is married to our Director of Fundraising & Marketing. Jane has generously donated her time and expertise to create our new brand at no cost to the charity.

When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and we had got over the shock, we both wanted to do all we could to help find a cure. One of the best things to have happened during this locked-down year was that I had  the time to volunteer to rebrand this incredible charity. I hope that my contribution helps the team to reach their goal a little bit faster.

Jane Brownhill, Designer, member of the Parkinson’s community.

The same generous donor that helped with the costs of our new website has covered all expenses connected with the change, such as our headed paper, cycling and running tops plus other fundraising materials. We are hugely grateful to Jane, and to all of our other supporters including those who helped to test and provide feedback on our new materials.

We sincerely hope you like the new website and logo: please do get in touch with any feedback.